Book Review: The Rose ( The Red #2) by Tiffany Reisz

Hello again, everyone!!   I hope you’re having a good start to the week. Today I want to talk about a book that is being released on April 16th and that I read in December and LOVED!

I’m a HUGE fan of Tiffany Reisz and that is no secret, but with The Rose she really blew me away (although I say this after every new book she releases). I read the ARC absolutely loved it!



On the day of Lia’s university graduation party, her parents—wealthy art collectors with friends in high places—gift her a beautiful wine cup, a rare artifact decorated with roses. It’s a stunning gift, and one that August Bowman, a friend of her parents and a guest at Lia’s party, also has his eye on. The cup, August tells her, is known as the Rose kylix, and it’s no ordinary cup. It was used in the temple ceremonies of Eros, Greek god of erotic love, and has the power to bring the most intimate sexual fantasies to life.

But Lia is skeptical of August’s claims of the cup’s mythology and magic—after all, he’s a collector himself, and she suspects he just wants to get his hands on this impressive piece of art. So he dares her to try it for herself, and when Lia drinks from the Rose kylix she is suddenly immersed in an erotic myth so vivid it seems real—as though she’s living out the most sensual fantasy with August by her side…

Realizing the true power of this ancient and dangerous relic, Lia is even more wary of giving it up, though August insists it is only safe with him. He’s willing to pay the full value of the cup, but Lia has another type of trade in mind. One that finds them more tangled up in each other—and in fantasy—than either was prepared for.







***I received an ARC in exchange of an honest opinion***


“ ‘Falling in love is brave and dangerous,’ August said. ‘Like climbing a mountain or going to war. Foolish, too, just like climbing a mountain or going to war. You shouldn’t hate yourself for doing someting brave and dangerous.’ ” 


Oh my! Cupid’s arrow has nothing on Tiffany Reisz when she decides to write a story we’ll fall in love


As you know, I don’t like to read synopsis before reading books. Specially when the book is from an author I trust. And Tiffany is THE author I trust. She’s my favorite and there’s a reason for it.


There are plenty of reasons: Søren. Nora. Kingsley. Her incredible mind and talent to put her stories into words. The Red. And now, The Rose. What an incredible story!!


Tiffany has such a way for storytelling that you really feel like you were punched in the face or hit by an arrow after (and during) you finish one of her books.


It’s hard to put into words how her words make me feel. The storytelling in her books is unparalled, the plotlines are always unique and she always manage to follow through with her writing. She can plot and she can write and  her sense of humor is both clever and funny. Just a touch of silliness to make the reader smile and giggle, but in such a clever way!


I always say I cannot wait for her next book, but the truth is I don’t mind waiting because they’re always so well done. And that shows how much she respect her readers. Every book she puts out there is impecable, we can see she really works on them and doesn’t just publish the book without thought.


I never thought I’d enjoy her books out of the Original Sinners storyline as much as I enjoy the OS books. But the truth is I definitely do! Tiffany has showed me she’s no one-hit wonder. She’s multifaceted when it comes to writing and I LOVE that about her. She’s versatile and always brings unique stories to her readers. When I grow up I’d be happy being half of the writer and storyteller Tiffany is.


No matter how different the subjects and plotlines of her books, they all have in common her incredible talent for writing and telling a story in a way the reader truly feels transported inside of it. I always feel like I’m part of the story or that it was written just for me. Tiffany’s books just make me feel special as a reader.


And The Rose is no different! I’m completely enchanted by Lia and August. I loved the little mystery going on the story and I loved that I figured it out quite soon. Differently from other books I’ve read, it felt special seeing a mystery I found out being uncovered by the main character. I didn’ feel disappointed that I uncovered the truth before the main character, just the opposite. I was delighted to see the whole thing panning out.


This book has a lot of things I love: romance, history, funny banters, great characters and it’s also sexy in a way that is not tiresome. It felt very real, and the story, as the characters, is very easy to relate to. I love that we can see Tiffany put work and research into her plotline and without making the book boring. Just the opposite. It’s quite addictive and you can’t wait for the next chapter in Lia and August’s story.


Tiffany did it again and in such a great way I won’t be forgetting about this story anytime soon and I read it back in December! I dare to say I liked The Rose even more than The Red and absolutely LOVED The Red!
So thank you once again, Tiffany, for such an amazing story!



I hope you all buy this book (link on the Buy the Book button above to get The Rose) and even though you can read if without having read The Red, I highly recommend you read The Red while you wait for the release of The Rose!






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